Holtzman Communications takes a step beyond traditional marketing research techniques and goes directly to the hearts and minds of the end-user/customer. Our proprietary methodology is called OpenMind Research. It delves into mindset and usage behavior to come up with insights that can be leveraged for successful and groundbreaking marketing and advertising. OpenMind Research is more efficient, accurate, and gives our clients usable, actionable input from the people who matter most – customers.

Company tells research firm results
it seeks
Company tells agency information it seeks
Company has Ad/PR agency develop concepts or themes to present in research, thus limiting end-users' opinions to only the concepts presented Agency does not present any preconceived ideas, thus eliciting true expression of end-user opinions
Company and agency are separated by a two-way mirror Company, agency, and audience members directly interact (as stakeholders). Face-to-face, each listens and learns from the other.
Research is conducted in multiple cities with multiple groups Research is conducted only once (usually), since results are representative of all stakeholders
Research results are rarely as end user/customer driven, as today’s quick moving, highly targeted marketing programs require Research results show exactly how end-users want to be "told and sold" – not preconceived ideas
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